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Air leakage is the uncontrolled transfer of air into and out of a building and is the main cause of draughts. Excessive air leakage may lead to uncomfortable living and working conditions, but can also represent as much as 60% of the total heat loss, resulting in higher energy costs and unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Fraser Homes has taken great care in providing the most efficient and airtight homes possible. This benefits our customers through:

  • Lower fuel bills through less heat loss.
  • Healthier home through better air quality.
  • Improved ratings mean a more valuable home.
  • Lower condensation means lower running costs.

How we work – 

To make a home airtight we create an internal envelope around the complete building. The airtight system seals all gaps and cracks that if left unsealed would allow cold air to pass into the home. Installing an airtightness system keeps the heat in and the cold out.

Did you know –  

A properly installed Airtightness System can reduce your heating costs by up to 40%.

Air Permeability Test – 

The result of an air permeability test is expressed as the rate of leakage per square metre of the external building envelope (e.g. permeability through the walls/floors/ roof) at a pressure differential of 50 Pascals between the inside and outside of a building, i.e. m3/hr.m-2 @ 50Pa.

Part L of Building Regulations requires all new buildings to have a maximum permeability rate of 10 m3/hr.m-2 when tested.

Fraser Homes is very proud to receive its last rating at 1.11 m3/hr.m-2 for its latest CR2A in its Bangor site, Clifton Mews. With 0 being an absolutely air tight house, this rating is incredibly good.

Coupled with our Brink Heat Recovery Units that we install, the house will retain its warmth whilst circulating fresh air at all times. Therefore our customers will have lower heating costs and a much healthier air quality in our homes.


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